Digital Dopey was born in the Netherlands on 10 March 1955.

He grew up in a peaceful environment near Amsterdam Airport where both his parents were working.
At a young age he developed an interest for beautiful girls.

Below you'll find a collection of photos about Digital Dopey's life stages

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1955 Just born, with his father

1959 On holidays in Portugal

1959 At home in kitchen

1959 At home with neighbour's daughter

1961 - 1962 Primary school first year

1966 Primary school 11 years young

1971 Together with his father

1972 Palamos - Spain, with Spanish girlfriend

1973 At home

1974 Amsterdam, with Dutch girlfriend

1974 At friends place in Amstelveen

1974 Remouchamp - Belgium

1974 Working as courier at Amsterdam Airport

1975 In the Dutch Army for a short time

Just after Digital Dopey left the Army he met a lovely French girl who had just returned from a year in India.
She told him amazing stories about Goa, Varanasi and a place called Manali.
Eventually she became his girlfriend and together they worked at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

1974 Christine just arrived from India

1975 In Amsterdam with Christine


Christine persuaded Digital Dopey to go to India and experience paradise himself in Manali.
The rest is history!

In June 1975 he flew to India and visited Manali for the first time.
But no photos to remember because there was a state of emergency in India at the time.

In 1976 he flew for the second time to India and went to Kathmandu/Nepal first before returning to Manali.


1976 At Dhungri forest - Manali

1976 In Holland, after second visit to India

In 1978 he travelled overland to India with the Magic Bus.
Through Europe to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
After entering India he went to Leh in Ladakh first, then to Manali, Nepal and back to Manali.

In 1980 he decided to move to India permanent.
From October 1980 till April 1991 he lived in the Kullu valley.
In 1981 he learned how to knot Tibetan woollen carpets at a local carpet factory.

1982 Balsari village with some friends from Australia

1983 Balsari village, with his carpet-teacher Leela on the left

Once he was skilled enough he started teaching carpet-knotting to some of the local girls in his village.
That's how he met his future wife, Kala, a girl from Nasogi village.


1984 His wedding at the Siyali Mahadev temple in Manali


On July 19th 1984 he married with Kala and, after a while, two lovely children were born, Kushla (1985) and Pawan (1986).


In 1988 they've build their own house in Nasogi where they lived for three years
before moving to Holland for their children's education.


In 1991 they moved from India to Holland and settled in Hoofddorp, a town 15 km from Amsterdam.
From 1998 till 2019 Digital Dopey worked as a medical electronics technician at SEIN in Heemstede.
Since September 2019 he has retired.


2017 Old Delhi at Jama Mashid

2019 Sunny in Lisbon - Portugal


In November 2015 a grandson was born, Sunny.
In July 2020 a granddaughter is expected.


2019 Lisbon - Portugal
All together on a short holiday to celebrate 35 years of marriage.


On 20-07-2020 a granddaughter was born.
This photo was taken on her 1st birthday.
(On photo: Sunny, Kala and Mae)
- Digital Dopey's sweethearts -



Digital Dopey's plans were to go back to Manali permanently in 2020
but the Corona crisis made an end to those plans.
In 2022, after the crisis was finished, he returned to Manali and started the big job of
refurbishing his house in Nasogi village, it took him 9 months of hard labour to complete the job.
Now he lives 6 months in the Netherlands during the summer and 6 months in Manali during the winter.


November 2022 - Digital Dopey at work, it took 9 months to complete the task. 


November 2022 - The house is almost ready


January 2023 - The house after completion