We've spent 4 days in Leh, Kala and Kriti went sightseeing, I stayed in Leh.Solpon Guest House in Changspa village (Near Leh)Enjoying the morning sun on our first dayView from the Guest House to Shanti stupaCourtyard of Sankar GompaChorten in front of Sankar GompaStreet scene in Sankar villageShrine in Sankar villageChorten in Sankar villageAnother shrine in Sankar villageDetail of the shrineDetail of the shrine (2)Back side of the shrineBeautiful fresco's on the wallsDetail, age unknown to me but they must be very oldMindblowingAmazing artAnother shrine in Sankar village (2)Also very oldBeautiful detailsMust be ancientThe entry to Sankar village comming from Leh by footView from Sankar villageSacred tree in Leh known as Datun SahibNamgyal Tsemo Gompa, high on a ridge above Leh townNamgyal Tsemo Gompa and the Leh Royal Palace on the rightOld houses in Leh townStatue in the street of LehGoing up to the palace through the streets of old LehGoing up to the palace (2)Somebody calledEnjoying a rest in the shadeFirst glimpse of the palace rampartsThe shortcut from Leh to the palaceBelow the entrance to the palaceAt the front of the palaceNear the entrance to the palace38The entrance to the Royal PalaceThe main door, note the Greek style pillarsWooden statues above the main doorAmazing woodcarving and very oldInside the palace, the courtyardRani Kala giving an audienceThe palace Royal toilet . . . The actual Royal toilet . . . . .  after using the Royal FlushRelievedOn top of the roof, Shanti stupa in the distanceView from the palace roof, the area above LehAncient Tissera Stupa, built 1410-1440Shanti Stupa, close-upOn top of the palace roof, touching the peaksThe Indus valley with the snowy peaks of Zanskar in the backNamgyal Tsemo Gompa seen from the palace roofNamgyal Tsemo Gompa (2)Cross section of the construction of the palaceCross section of the construction of the palace (2)Inside the palace, ancient constructionsView from one of the palace's galleriesAncient constructionsAncient constructions (2)63Some painting still visible, the palace has been a ruin for agesThe Gompa/shrine inside the palaceWooden masks used during ceremoniesEntrance to the palace GompaRestored facadeDescending back to townLast glimpse of the palaceThe mountains surrounding LehSankar Gompa, evening time, I had an appointment with the Lama'sThe entrance stairsThe courtyard of Sankar GompaThe Gompa's facadeThe courtyard with the monk's quartersThe main door (2)The doors are openedAmazing art (2)and decorationView from the main doorFresco's on the walls of the GompaFresco's on the walls of the Gompa (2)Fresco's on the walls of the Gompa (3)Fresco's on the walls of the Gompa (4)Lama (monk) doing evening prayersTanka'sDukar statueCabinet with statuesAmazing art (3)The most beautiful statues everywhere9293949596979899100101102Three of the Lama's of Sankar Gompa, the one on the right I've also seen 39 years ago.Evening view from the Solpon Guest HouseClose-up of Shanti stupaEvening view from the Solpon Guest House (2)Beautiful views while on the way to Tisseru stupaBeautiful views while walking to Tisseru stupaThe Indus valley in all it's gloryThe Shanti stupa seen while walking up to Tisseru stupaTisseru Stupa, a very special stupa, read the next slide . . . 112Restored in a nice mannerWalking down from Tisseru Stupa to Shanti StupaWalking from Tisseru Stupa to Shanti StupaView on the way of the area above LehThe Leh town area118The area where our Guest House is locatedThe area of Sankar villageShanti Stupa (2)122Shanti stupa, donated by JapanNice shotBeautiful buildingEleborate decorationsOm ShantiAmazing viewThe Leh area, seen from Shanti StupaThe Indus valley, seen from Shanti StupaThe Royal palace, seen from Shanti StupaCemetery, seen from Shanti StupaIndus valley, seen from Shanti Stupa (2)